Career and Education counseling

In todays technological and competitive world the essence of careers and the aroma of professions becomes the cornerstone of every individual’slife, especially: scholars who possess exponential aspirations to pursue higher and advanced studies across the international spectrum. Our well-established Organization is specifically equipped and geared with the most outstanding ingredients of experienced counselors, educated and exclusively trained to nurture and nourish the fertile minds of students who require to entrench themselves with strong and firm roots within the precincts of academic empires of cognitive learning in various destinations around the globe, and thereafter discover the adventurous roads that lead you into the domains and realms of professional employment that will open innovative vistas and inventive avenues to a bright and glorious future.

Application processing with shortlisted universities

We provide the overseas students who approach us, with all the essential facilities and necessary amenities required for the submission and processing of tertiary applications. The turmoil, the turbulence, the tumult, the confusion, the chaos and the commotion of these burdensome tasks and assignments are totally eliminated, to ensure that the pressure and tension you need to experience to complete these procedures will be managed, controlled and expertly handled by us without any presumptions. Our organization has the unique distinction of assisting you with all the indispensible paraphernalia needed to guarantee that your applications reach their desired destinations. We also afford and postulate an alphabetical enlistment of all the licensed, certified, authorized and eligible universities across the planet for you to seek admissions into the excellent and outstanding varsities of your choice.

Admission assistance

Our prestigious and renowned Overseas Institution has the influential standards of protocol, to offer extensive direction and widespread guidance the scholars of erudition, who have generated a keen, avid, eager and an enthusiastic interest to embark on an academic journey to seek admissions in every conceivable continent across the world. We at Walk Internationalshoulder the responsibility to confirm and guarantee that all possible assistance is rendered to to ultimately affirm that; from the initial stages of your applicationstill the receipt of the offer letters, all the required follow up procedures will be impeccably executed, to avoid the dissatisfaction of inordinate delays, specifically stipulating that every applicant will be totally and completely elated with delight and their countenance will be radiantly illuminated with the serene gratification of contentment.

Help with SOP and LOR Documentation for Admission

The four most crucial and vital documents that accompany the application are the 3 LORs and the impressively elegant SOP which defines the plausible features and characteristics of a candidates profile. To prepare, edit and amend these credentials, we employ a distinguished panel of versatile experts, who are geniuses in the espadrilles of the English Language, grammatically proficient, who literally hold a high command and authority over it, they choreograph vocabulary to dance on paper, construct an orchestration of sentences, recording a symphony in parts of speech, vocalizing the lyrics of punctuation, producing an LOR with melody complemented with an harmonious SOP that consequently reaches a crescendo of musical literature for elaborate reading and comprehension.

Scholarship/Financial Aid application support

Depending on the applicants academic performance in procuring excellent scores in the essential English Language Tests related to IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT and PTE according to the requirements of the authorized university/country, scholarships are extended to students at around 30 to 70 percent of the fee structure which is considered to be quite an enormously remarkable offer. Certain Universities make provision for financial and monetary aid and assistance for students who exhibit outstanding scholarly skills and abilities in tertiary studies.

Systematic follow-up with Universities

After dispatching all the relatively vital documents accompanied with the candidates application to the concerned academic centers, we render and contribute our supportive services and helpful assistance withour follow up schedules with the domains of learning through frequent and constant e-mails, telephonic conversations, video conferencing, Skype interviews with the administration/ management and suitable evaluation processes and adequate proceedings.

Help with obtaining Educational loans

We at Walk Internationalare proud to declare that we have financial tie-ups with two very reliable and dependable sources, which have branches spread across the nation namely: AVANSE EDUCATION LOAN and CREDILA EDUCATION LOAN (affiliated to HDFC Bank), both giant institutions in the financial sector who will warrant and guarantee educational loans at a reasonable level of interest.

Visa Documentation and Mock Visa Interviews

Submitting an application for visa is not as simple as it used to be. It is no more a fairy-tale conclusion, but in fact, an adventure thriller that is absolutely unnerving, totally intimidating, completely dismaying, entirely formidable and wholly daunting. Adorned with all these frightening attributes, it is well within reach, to ponder and seriously consider and contemplate the amount of preparation that is required to meet the demands of these consequential regulations.

We at Walk Internationalput you on the right path, set you on the correct track, to negotiate corridors of power, to meander the maze of diplomatic channels with tact, flair and flamboyance, holding influential attachments and relationships with an assortment of Foreign Missions, High Commissions, Embassies and Consulates, to give you the contentment and satisfaction to achieve and reach the pinnacle of your ambitions, to fly across azure blue skies through snow white cotton puffed clouds and finally touchdown in sprawling aerodromes of worldwide repute, to enter the spacious chambers and rambling classrooms of international Universities.

Preparation is compulsory, certainly mandatory, very crucial, vital and important for guidance and direction. All these features will be extended to you by our team of experienced Study Abroad Visa Consultants who will collect your documents and have them thoroughly verified, examined, scrutinized and reviewed prior to submission, thus relieving you of unnecessary pressure, unwanted tension, superfluous stress and unrequired strain, providing you a hassle free environment where you can enjoy the pleasure of a peaceful and salubrious slumber.

Initial accommodation support

Walk Internationaloverseas education offers exclusive services for both pre and post departure assistance for all academic scholars heading abroad, with the sole intention, to provide opportunities for them, to initiate face-to-face encounters with the other colleagues and counterparts proceeding to the same Universities and analogous countries.

We at Walk International have frequent contacts with the Principals and HODs of a conglomeration of Universities/Varsities/Schools/Colleges and a plethora of academic institutions with which we have associations and affiliations, to warrant and guarantee that none of our students are confronted with any setbacks, drawbacks or problematic situations, pertaining to accommodation, courses etc. especially when they arrive in unacquainted regions, unfamiliar territories and unaccustomed destinations.

Our qualified team of specialists in collaboration with a panelist of experienced counselors, individually educated, polished and refined in their specific field of expertise, postulate an all-encompassing personal guidance and accurate directions on all facets of overseas tertiary education to simplify procedures, ensure instant accessibility, to overcome barriers, cross hurdles, battle obstacles, confront hindrances and challenge complex complications by transforming impossibilities into translucentpossibilities.

Counseling sessions will be scheduled through prior appointments, which will be conducted within the premises of our official establishment for those who can make themselves available at the stipulated time or a telephonic conference for those who are unable to visit us directly.

Subsequently our counselors will deliberate and confabulate the evaluations and dispatch an account of the conversation, apparently attached with endorsements and recommendations for perusal and thereafter look forward with elation and delight to respond to your queries, enquiries and interrogations.

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