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The allure of education, the enticement towards cognitive learning, the magnetic attraction that captivates ambitious students to attain degrees abroad has mesmerized a conglomeration of scholars to seek their graduation across the international spectrum within the portals of illustrious empires of educational establishments because it provides them ample exposure, adequate benefits, professional careers, opens avenues and vistas of opportunities, enhances and improves personality, offers extensive range of perspectives and bright and radiant prospects to a superlative lifestyle and an excellent future.

Making instant decisions and immediate resolutions on your career is not an easy task. It requires immense patience, guidance and imperative direction. Volumes of information, profuse knowledge, infinite unfolding data is currently available through the intricate and complex technology of the ever increasing and fascinating techniques of the awe-inspiring Internet. To digest the cornucopia of such copious information, will require unending weeks and perpetual months emanating from diverse enriched sources, which could ultimately create total confusion and absolute chaos when the issue was primarily initiated.

At Walk International, we provide elaborate services to help and assist you in every conceivable manner, commencing from the basic foundation to the concrete terrace of your educational construction, by building every scholastic floor in an effective method to simplify the modus operandi of your conclusive decision. We bring impeccable clarity and superlative transparency to the admission process currently in existence within the prefectures of myriad countries to procure admissions at unique and exclusive universities of your choice at an affordable budget streamlined to accommodate your needs and requirements. We are fully aware of the pitfalls that you will encounter when processing the admissions individually and personally, so give us the fortunate chance to extend our unstinted support to each and everyone of you to execute the process and secure the admission you rightly deserve, at the manifold countries and renowned universities of your exclusive choice.

Interested in education abroad and want to explore the options?

This is the right place, in fact the best. We can provide professional counseling to educate you on programs available in top educational destinations around the world.

You have a university on mind?

We can offer you help and assistance with your application process, Visa affiliations, Interviews, scholarships and more. We take care of the intermittent hassles and give you the liberty and freedom to concentrate on important issues and matter such as exam preparation and other vital tasks and assignments.

Do you want help with your preparatory exam?

Certainly! Surely! We provide personalized care and attention for every student, customizing exam preparation courses for individual demands/needs. Walk International is fully equipped with immense facilities and ample amenities to cater to the scholastic needs of students simultaneously boasting of a state of the art coaching conveniences and contemporary methods to help you excel in Preparatory exams.

We understand the importance of education to shoulder your career. Permit us, the versatile experts to unfurl the process of your applications, to eventually fulfill the veracity of your elusive dreams.

Naveen Kumar

Managing Director, Walk International

I inaugurated and initiated Walk international, with the intention to induct a distinctive approach to the existing processes followed by multiple and numerous consultants out there. As a student, I underwent the same procedures and exam preparations to obtain admission into a ranked university in UK. It was an extremely challenging and an exhausting process. I noticed there is an implicit tendency amongst students and consultants to play safe and target low ranked universities. Fear of rejection creates a vacuum for students to lose out on opportunities to acquire quality education at top-level universities. I believe; there should be more profound focus on helping students to attain quality education. At Walk international, I inspire aspirants who want to proceed abroad by making them understand all the available options essentially required, to evaluate their education history and find the right corridors to achieve their ambitions. I also have the skill and ability to assist students to look beyond horizons that focus on admissions by finding ways and means to direct them on the right career path.

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